Incredible India: A picture journey with Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the most fascinating as well as prominent specifies in all of India. From rock-cut forts as well as dune filled deserts to colourful markets as well as cities, Rajasthan is a traveller’s dream. We backpacked with India during 2009, 2011 as well as 2012 as well as our time spent in this northwestern specify was a certain highlight.

The word “Rajasthan” evokes thoughts of brilliantly coloured turbans, snake charmers, Maharaja style design as well as dune filled deserts, all of which we were to discover during our trip here.

Our days were spent going to ancient sites, wandering aimlessly with bazaars as well as narrow alleyways, as well as of course, sitting on the sidelines viewing India unfold before us. With excellent transportation in India, we were able to get around this specify with ease.

If you feel influenced by these lovely photos, plan a trip to Rajasthan! For much more info about travelling as well as backpacking around this lovely region, inspect out the Rajasthan tourism website.


Also understood as the “White City” since essentially every building right here is painted white! If you’re thinking about palaces as well as temples, this is the location to come. The elaborate details as well as carvings on the City palace as well as Jagdish temple are unbelievable. The ghats on any type of of the lakes are a excellent location to spend the day, as well as snap some amazing photos.

View over the White City of Udaipur city from the City Palace
Prayer time down at the ghats
A Sadhu (holy man)
A lady whacking her laundry clean on the ghats
Playing a conventional instrument to support the family

Also understood as the “Pink City” since of the numerous pink coloured buildings. Jaipur is the funding of Rajasthan as well as the most significant city in the state. We were told by numerous to only spend a day right here as well as then leave as quick as possible! But, as it typically goes, we didn’t agree with our fellow travellers on this as well as we ended up celebrating Christmas here. Jaipur is a city full of spectacular architecture, fascinating bazaars as well as an old town dotted with hidden gems, a certain must-visit city in India.

Inside the fantastic Hawa Mahal Palace, which is made from red & pink sandstone

View from the Hawa Mahal looking over lovely Jaipur City
Snake Charmers on the street
The Jal Mahal palace seems to float on guy Sagar Lake
Bangle maker focuses on his craft at the bazaar


Named once again after the colour of it’s buildings, the blue City of Jodhpur is the second most significant city in Rajasthan as well as is quick ending up being a major traveler hotspot. With the Mehrangarh Fort towering over the city, a buzzing bazaar, various temples as well as interesting alleyways, Jodhpur is an fascinating location to explore. 

The towering Mehrangarh Fort
Enjoying the views of the blue City from the Mehrangarh Fort

Monkeys guideline the rooftops!
Roasted peanuts for sale


This essential Hindu Pilgrimage site is one of the oldest existing cities in India. Pushkar is understood for its numerous temples as well as fairs, as well as in specific the Pushkar Fair, which is held yearly in November. during this time, countless animals (including over 50,000 camels) are brought right here from around the country to be traded as well as sold! Pushkar is a vegan city so you won’t discover any type of meat, dairy or eggs right here unless you discover them on the black market.

A guy looks on

Two pilgrims take a break
The method of snake lovely can be found in numerous parts of Rajasthan

A colourful street market

Nicknamed the “Golden City” because of the sand coloured buildings, this UNESCO world Heritage site is a excellent location to head off into the Thar Desert on a camel safari! A sandstone mud fort towers over the city with numerous people still living inside. Hotels, restaurants, palaces as well as temples can likewise be discovered within the walls. You’ll never be tired in Jaisalmer!

Curious youngsters in a little Muslim village in the Thar Desert
Cows guideline these streets! (and all streets in India)

View of the sand coloured city from the Jaisalmer Fort
Colourful blankets available – hangiNg na stenách Fort

Ísť na ťavu safari je fantastický zážitok
Rajasthan je jedným z najviac fotogénnych miest v Indii. Bolo ťažké nechať videokameru vo svojej situácii a len potešiť v okolí. V skutočnosti za každým rohom bolo niečo zvláštne, fascinujúce a krásne, aby sa chytili šošovkou.

Boli sme v Indii trikrát, rovnako ako sa definentne vrátime štvrtýkrát (a piaty, ako aj šiesty!)

Ktorý obrázok bol váš obľúbený? Ukážte nám nižšie!

Páči sa mi to? Pripnúť! „

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