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For years, I turned away unsolicited guest posts, but, this year, I chose it was time to modification that policy as I want to add much more voices, opinions, stories, as well as suggestions to this site.

I want to bring in people available who have useful info as well as insight I may not have, particularly now that I’m traveling a great deal less.

So, if you’d like to compose for this site, right here are our guidelines for submissions:

What material Do We Want?

First, what type of submissions are we looking for? We’re thinking about the complying with (and only the following) areas:

LGBT content: stories by transgender people, queer couples, as well as solo gay, lesbian, or bi travelers

Africa-related material (bonus points if it’s east or central Africa)

Middle East–related content

Central Asia–related content

India-related content

Brazil-related content

China-related content

Technology- or gear-related content

Senior/Older travel

Family travel

Solo female travel travel

Ultra-cheap travel/backpacking

Your pitches ought to have a focus on budget-related issues: inexpensive things what to do, budget plan accommodation, great business or apps to use, travel hacks, or methods to save money. We want the type of service short article that will assist visitors travel cheaper, better, as well as longer.

Of course, travel stories are fantastic too, so long as they include a lesson or guidance that can be utilized to assist people travel.

Typical messages are very detailed, include great deals of helpful links, as well as have suggestions as well as techniques not discovered elsewhere. I like insider knowledge!

How to submit a Post

Send an email to matt@nomadicmatt.com with the precise title “New guest writer short article Submission”

Include the following:

Your travel history

Your blog or channel

A link to two other guest messages you’ve done

Your topic idea(s), with suggested title(s) as well as description(s) of the article(s)

Here’s an example of a great email:

Hi Matt,

My name is John as well as I’m composing about submitting a guest publish on your site. I’ve been traveling the world for ten years, with a focus on Africa. For the last six months, I’ve been traveling around east Africa as a backpacker as well as have a great deal of resources that can help. My blog is johnsworld.com, as well as I’ve written some messages on the subject that can be discovered right here as well as here.

My suggested topic is “How to go to Tanzania on a Budget,” which will focus on exactly how to get around, eat, as well as safari without costs a great deal of money or doing an costly tour. The concept right here is to show people you can travel the country independently.

Here are links to a few of my composing so you can see I can put words together.

Looking ahead to hearing from you.



Simple as well as to the point. If I like your pitch, I’ll reply. Please DO NOT comply with up. While tenacity can frequently be appreciated, DO NOT comply with up. I get as well numerous emails – as well as complying with up implies you didn’t checked out this post, which implies I’ll immediately delete your pitches! If you don’t hear back within two weeks, it implies your pitch wasn’t accepted.

I like people with interest to detail so if you send an email with the wrong subject line or miss any type of of the other complying with rules, we’ll delete your pitch.

Finally, please note that if you send me a draft as well as I discover that it will be as well much work to edit, I reserve the best to decline it. Additionally, because I am quite picky, there’s likewise a 99% possibility I’ll ask you to make modifications to your draft so please expect notes as well as rewrites.

We pay $250 USD per post. (It’s not a great deal however it’s all we can do best now!)

That’s truly it.

Email us if you are interested!



Book Your Trip: Logistical suggestions as well as Tricks
Zarezervujte si svoj let
Find a inexpensive flight by utilizing Skyscanner. It’s my preferred browse engine since it searches sites as well as airlines around the globe so you always understand no stone is left unturned.

Zarezervujte si ubytovanie
Svoju hostel si môžete rezervovať s Hostelworld. If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, utilize Booking.com as they consistently return the most affordable rates for guesthouses as well as hotels.

Nepamätáte si cestovné poistenie
Cestovné poistenie vás bude chrániť pred chorobou, zranením, krádežou a zrušením. Je to rozsiahla bezpečnosť v situácii, čokoľvek sa pokazí. Nikdy som nešiel na výlet bez toho, pretože som ho v minulosti musel mnohokrát využívať. Moje preferované podnikanie, ktoré ponúkajú najlepšie služby a hodnotu, sú:

Safetywing (najlepšie pre všetkých)

Zaistite moju cestu (pre tých nad 70 rokov)

Medjet (pre ďalšie pokrytie evakuácie)

Pripravený naZarezervujte si cestu?
Pozrite sa na moju stránku zdrojov, kde nájdete to najlepšie podnikanie, ktoré môžete využiť pri cestovaní. Uvádzam všetky tie, ktoré používam, keď cestujem. Sú to najlepšie v triede, pretože sa nemôžete pokaziť a využiť ich na vašej ceste.

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