7 cheap methods TO travel across EUROPE

Last Updated: 7/12/21 | July 12th, 2021

Traveling around Europe can be expensive. airline tickets, high-speed trains, overnight trains, ferries — they all eat into your restricted (and precious) travel budget.

Fortunately, there are methods to get around Europe on a budget. The sharing economy, new bus options, discounted train passes, and great deals of budget airlines — there are tons of choices for navigating Europe without breaking the bank.

I’ve been traveling Europe since I started backpacking there in 2006 and have seen so many things change over that time period. I’ve watched travel hacks come and go and costs change and change again. While COVID has affected things, as the continent slowly reopens, I can honestly state that it’s never been easier to get around Europe because there are so many new cheap methods to travel the continent.

Here are the very best methods to travel around Europe on a budget:

1. traveling Europe by FlixBus

Over the last few years, a new company has went into the market and totally altered the bus system in Europe. German-based FlixBus obtained Megabus Europe and has routes all around the continent. costs begin as low as 5 EUR and their buses include Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, free baggage, and comfy seats. They’re similar to Megabus in quite much every respect (Megabus still runs in the UK).

FlixBus quickly ended up being my preferred non-train method to get across Europe cheaply. It’s not elegant by any means, but it’s the cheapest method to get around.

Here’s a map of their routes to assist you plan your trip!

2. traveling Europe by Busabout

Busabout is a hop-on/hop-off bus service. You can get on and off whenever you want along one of their set routes.

You can purchase tickets that let you travel their whole network with a set number of stops. They have short passes for trips of 5-12 days in addition to passes that last 6 months.

When you consider the soft benefits of a guide, the day trips included in your pass, and the simplicity of satisfying people, Busabout becomes cost similar to trains and flights (though still more costly than a routine public bus). The only drawback to Busabout is that if you want to go to a city that is not on one of their routes, you have to make your own method there at an added cost.

Note: as of June 2021, Busabout has suspended its service because of COVID-19. service will re-start in 2022.

3. traveling Europe by budget Airline

By far one of the cheapest methods to travel long-distance in Europe is by budget airline. These airlines are extremely prolific on the continent and competition has led to incredibly cheap fares. It’s not uncommon to discover flights for as bit as 10 EUR!

I utilize Skyscanner and Momondo to browse for the very best deals. They do all the legwork!

Just keep in mind that budget airlines make most of their money with fees. They are extremely strict about baggage limits or and many will ding you if you fail to remember to print your boarding pass. Don’t expect any free drinks or meals either. but if you comply with the rules and understand what to expect you can save a ton of money!

Some of the budget airlines to inspect for cheap flights in Europe are:


Wizz Air

Norwegian Air



For more information, right here is a complete guide to discovering cheap flights!

4. traveling Europe with a Eurail Pass

I like traveling by train: sitting in a big seat, relaxing with a book, and watching the stunning landscape go by. It’s more comfortable than a bus and much less stressful than air travel. and the European rail system is one of the very best and most extensive in the world.

If you’re going to travel by train, it’s difficult to beat them on cost and convenience for short city-to-city travel. For longer journeys (overnight journeys, between countries, or rides that need a high-speed line, like Paris to Bordeaux or Berlin to Munich), trains tend to be extremely expensive.

If you plan to travel around Europe and don’t want to fly, getting a rail pass is your finest money-saving travel option. Your cost per trip will be a great deal lower than if you were to purchase these tickets separately.

Not sure if the Eurail pass is for you? right here is a complete breakdown of Eurail passes and when they should be utilized to save money.

5. traveling Europe Using BlaBlaCar

The increase of the sharing economic climate has enabled people to hitch a trip with locals going their way, and BlaBlaCar is the reigning king of this service. It’s extremely prominent and extensive in Europe, and I’ve utilized this service many times. It lets you rideshare with people who have additional area in their car. You discover a ride, they agree to take you, and off you go. You just have to pay a little fee, which essentially covers the gas. You can discover rides for as bit as 5 EUR.

This is the very best paid method to get around Europe because you get to satisfy a local, have a friendly conversation, save money, and get to where you’re going faster. It’s available in close to 20 countries in Europe.

While BlaBlaCar may not always be cheaper than the bus (FlixBus can be super cheap!) it’s usually method quicker and method more interesting!

6. traveling Europe by Rental Car/Campervan

If you’re traveling around a single country or little region of Europe, renting a car or campervan may be worth the cost — particularly if you can split the costs with someone. car rentals can be discovered for as bit as 25 EUR per day, making it a extremely inexpensive method to explore. While gas can be expensive, the border-free Schengen area makes multi-country trips a breeze.

Campervans are especially prominent in countries like Iceland, Scotland, and Norway since those destinations offer a great deal of hiking and camping opportunities. You can discover campervans for as bit as 60 EUR a day — super inexpensive when split with a travel partner! utilize the app “park4night” to discover free (and cheap) overnight car parking all around Europe.

Note: many countries in Europe need foreign drivers to have an worldwide Driving Permit. You can get one in your house country before you arrive for around 20 EUR. (It’s essentially just a copy of your permit in other languages).

7. The cheapest method To travel Europe: Hitchhiking

The finest method to travel Europe cheaply is to not pay for it at all! Hitching is rather common — and a great deal safer than you think. I’ve satisfied tons of travelers who have done it without incident. I myself traveled this method in Bulgaria and Iceland without any problems.

Just keep in mind that it’s important to utilize your head when hitchhiking. always trust your instinct and utilize common sense. keep your valuables on you in case you fail to remember your bag in the car and never hesitate to text a buddy or household member with the permit plate before you get in. compose your destination on a indication and look presentable. That will assist you discover a trip faster.

Use the website Hitchwiki for tips to assist ensure you have a fun and risk-free experience.

The finest method to travel Europe: mix and match Your Transportation

As you can see, there are a great deal of methods to get around Europe on a budget. but the very best method is to mix and match YOUR TRANSPORTATION. The key to traveling around Europe on the cheap is to understand when to utilize each one of the listed transportation methods. For short trips, I like trains and BlaBlaCar. For medium-length trips (i.e. half a day), I’ll take a bus, BlaBlaBla car, or train. For long distances, I fly or take a high-speed train or an overnight bus.

Too many travelers believe it’s an all-or-nothing thing. like one method is always better than the other. To nie je pravda. There’s nobody method to travel Europe. There are a load — and you requirement to understand when to utilize which method.

Ask yourself: What’s more valuable? Time or money?

If you have more time, take the slower cheaper routes.

If you have more money and a shorter trip, fly and take the train.

In any provided trip, I will take at least four of the above techniques when getting around Europe! It’s a mix and match type of thing. One method isn’t great 100% of the time.

If you have no preference on exactly how you travel — and you just want the cheapest choice (which is usually what I do) — utilize a website like Rome2Rio or Omio. All you have to do is go into where you are going and these sites will mix and match the different methods to get around the continent for the least amount of money. They will string together buses and trains and planes to build the quickest trip for the least amount of money.

Remember: nobody technique works 100% of the time! pomiešaj a vyber! Do that and you’ll save tons of time and money!

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Book Your trip to Europe: Logistical tips and Tricks
Book Your Flight
Find a cheap flight utilizing Skyscanner or Momondo. They are my two preferred browse engines because they browse websites and airlines around the globe so you always understand no stone is left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation
You can book your hostel with Hostelworld. If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, utilize Booking.com as they consistently return the cheapest rates for guesthouses and cheap hotels.

For recommendations on where to stay during your trip, right here are my preferred hostels inEurópa!

Nepamätáte si cestovné poistenie
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Bezpečnostné krídlo (pre všetkých pod 70)

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Medjet (pre ďalšie pokrytie repatriácie)

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Nezabudnite ísť na náš robustný cieľový sprievodca v Európe, kde nájdete ešte viac tipov na plánovanie!

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