OSAKA travel guide with budget plan itinerary

February 25, 2019: Last updated. right here is our latest, most comprehensive OSAKA travel guide blog with sample Osaka itinerary for 4-5 days, listing of things to do, hotel recommendations, listing of expenses, as well as other useful travel tips!

We were about to approach the platform when we noticed a lady running after us. At first, we didn’t believe it was us she was chasing, however she stopped as well as talked to us. She couldn’t speak English, however we acknowledged just one word, ticket. Apparently, we left our tickets by the entrance. We thanked the lady profusely, who responded with, “It’s okay.” Her smile never faded.

We were at Kansai flight terminal Train Station, as well as it was our very first time in Japan. barely an hour in Japan as well as we already witnessed firsthand the hospitality as well as helpfulness of the people of Kansai. It wasn’t the last time. In the seven times we have visited the city over the past few years, we have satisfied locals who would go out of their method to help: a shopkeeper who left her store to go along with us to the begin of a walking trail, a food vendor who brought us to the bus stop, a passerby who assisted when he saw I couldn’t comprehend the writings on a vendo.

Osaka doesn’t have the breathtaking landscapes as well as spectacular sights that other destinations in Japan are understood for, however it has the warmth as well as generosity of its people. as well as that’s always something to return to. That as well as the food. Oh yes, the food.

Čo je v tomto sprievodcovi pokryté?

HOW TO get TO OSAKASearch for inexpensive flights here

WHERE TO stay IN OSAKATop capsule Hotels
Top hotels as well as Apartments Under $85

HOW TO get FROM KANSAI flight terminal TO OSAKA CITY CENTERKansai flight terminal to Namba by Train
Kansai flight terminal to Namba by Bus
Kansai flight terminal to Umeda (Osaka Station) by Train
Kansai flight terminal to Umeda (Osaka Station) by Bus

POCKET WIFI & regional SIM IN OSAKAPocket Wifi Rental
Local SIM

HOW TO get around OSAKAOsaka incredible Pass
JR West Kansai Rail Pass
Kansai Thru Pass
JR Pass (Nationwide)

THINGS TO perform in OSAKAUniversal Studios Japan
Osaka Castle Park
HEP five Ferris Wheel
Abeno Harukas (Harukas 300)
Kuromon Ichiba Market
Shitenno-ji Temple
Umeda sky Building

DIY tours outside OSAKA
ORGANIZED DAY tours FROM OSAKAKyoto Day tour from Osaka
Nara afternoon tour from Osaka

FREQUENTLY ASKED concerns about OSAKAIs Osaka safe?
What is the tipping policy in Osaka?
Is Osaka a much better base for travelers than Kyoto?
How long to stay in Osaka?
What is the power socket utilized in Osaka?
What is the very best pass when touring Osaka as well as Kansai Region?

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Osaka is the third largest city in Japan in terms of population, next only to Tokyo as well as Yokohama. however since Yokohama is part of the higher Tokyo metropolitan area, Osaka is commonly regarded as Japan’s “second city.” It is the funding of Osaka Prefecture which — together with Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo (Kobe) as well as a few others — is part of Kansai Region.

Osaka has something to offer to almost any type of type of traveler. For tourists seeking family-friendly fun, one of the most prominent attractions is universal Studios Japan, which is one of the most visited style parks in the world. historic as well as cultural landmarks likewise dot its tourism map, including the enormous Osaka Castle as well as Shitennoji. For the shopaholic, there’s always the Dotonbori-Shinsaibashi area.

Osaka is likewise a fantastic base if you want to check out other parts of Kansai Region. From here, you can quickly travel to other cities within the region including Kyoto, Kobe, as well as Nara. If you want to go farther, you’ll discover lots of transportation choices that can take you to Himeji, Hiroshima, as well as Tottori. There are likewise buses that can link you directly to Tokyo.

Other information you requirement to know:

Language: Japanese (Nihongo). The majority of the locals rarely speak English, however most of the indications as well as other tourist marketing materials have English translations.

Currency: Japanese Yen (JPY, ¥). JPY 1000 is around PHP 470, SGD 12.21, USD 9, EUR 8 (as of February 2019).

Zmenáreň. There are a great deal of money changers throughout Osaka as well as Kyoto, however save yourself the difficulty as well as just exchange currencies before your trip. SANRY’S has great rates. You can likewise withdraw from ATMs when you’re there, however they’re quite difficult to find. most of the ATMs we saw didn’t accept worldwide cards.

Modes of payment: most establishments prefer money payment, however many of them likewise accept credit history card transactions.

Electricity Info: 100V. type A sockets. Plugs have two flat pins. type B is sometimes utilized however not that common.


When is the very best time to go to Osaka? early April for the cherry blossoms as well as mid to late November for the autumn foliage.

Kansai enjoys a temperate climate with strong seasonal variations. spring as well as autumn are perfect if you’re after great views. during spring (specifically last week of March to very first week of April), cherry blossoms decorate the otherwise ordinary eco-friendly canopies.

Autumn (specifically mid- to late November) is perfect since the crowd begins to thin as well as the costs drop. It’s likewise fascinating as the foliage turns fiery orange as well as red. Teplota je tiež príjemná a pohodlná na prehliadku prehliadok.

If budget plan is a concern, look away from peak season: late March to August, particularly the complying with dates:

Golden Week (29. apríla – 5. mája)

Oslava OBON (13. – 15. augusta)

Sezóna Cherry Blossoms (koncom marca-najčastejšie apríl)

Tieto dátumy prinášajú najväčšie davy a najstrmšie ceny.


If you’re from the Philippines, we produced three devoted posts for the visa application process.

Ako sa uchádzať o turistické japonské vízum

How to apply for a Visa for visiting buddies or RELATIVES

Ako požiadať o niekoľko vstupných víz v Japonsku

Japonské vízum často kladilo otázky


Kansai worldwide flight terminal (KIX) is the main gateway to Osaka as well as the rest of Kansai Region. Z Manily na letisko Kansai letí veľké množstvo leteckých spoločností. Ak si vopred rezervujete metódu, získate najlepšie ponuky od Cebu Pacific Air. CEB flies to Osaka five times a week. Their lowest year-round fare is at P6399, which is a fantastic offer already.

Môžete tiež počkať na predaj sedadiel! Na jednu z našich ciest som z ich predaja P20 dokázal skórovať lístok na spiatočnú cebu Tichomorský lístok. Základné cestovné na nohu bolo iba P20, avšak vrátane všetkých daní som zaplatil iba PHP 5984 za vstupenku na spiatočky (PHP 2992 na cestu). To zahŕňa predplatený príspevok na batožinu 20 kg. Nie zlé. Vôbec nie chudobné.

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I extremely suggest staying in Namba district or Umeda district since they are in central, most practical as well as most accessible locations.

Namba. staying in Namba means Dotonbori as well as Shinsaibashi are within walking distance. There are likewise direct trains from the flight terminal to Namba Station, which means you won’t be transferring several times with heavy luggage in tow. The area is likewise bursting with restaurants, food stalls, markets, shops, as well as convenience stores. When you stay in Namba, you’re at the extremely center of all the action.

Umeda. likewise centrally located. Both Osaka station as well as Umeda Station, two of the biggest as well as most linked stations in Kansai, are found in Umeda district. These stations are usually the starting points of trains going to other cities including Kyoto as well as Kobe. If your itinerary includes destinations outside Osaka, Umeda is a great base.

Top capsule Hotels

First Cabin Midousuji-Namba. inspect rates & Availability.

Y’s Cabin Osaka Namba. inspect rates & Availability.

Capsule hotel ASTIL Dotonbori. inspect rates & Availability.

Top hotels as well as Apartments Under $85

HOTEL ASIATO. inspect rates & Availability.

Hotel Kelly. inspect rates & Availability.

Nissin Namba Inn. inspect rates & Availability.


Kansai flight terminal is almost an hour from downtown Osaka, so make sure you take that into consideration when building your Osaka itinerary. Fortunately, there are lots of transportation choices that you can take to reach the city center.

There are two railway operators ferrying passengers from the flight terminal to Osaka city center: JR as well as Nankai. If your hotel is in Namba, take Nankai, which has a direct line to it. If your hotel is in Umeda area (near Osaka station or Umeda Station), take JR instead.

There are likewise flight terminal buses that can take you directly to these two districts! See the details below.

Kansai flight terminal to Namba by Train

Kansai flight terminal is directly linked to Namba by Nankai trains. The train terminals are on the second floor of the building next to the Arrival Hall. just take the escalator as well as utilize the bridge to get to the other side.

There are two primary kinds of Nankai trains running from the airport:

NANKAI flight terminal EXPRESS
This is the routine train. It appears like your routine train train. It is cheaper however slower. You can’t reserve seats on this train. just hop in as well as discover a spot.
Travel time: 45 minutes
Fare: ¥920

NANKAI restricted reveal RAPI:T (Rapit)
This is the premier train. It’s the deep blue train that appearsAko by to prišlo z budúcnosti. Lol. Je to o niečo rýchlejšie ako letový terminál Express, ale oveľa pohodlnejšie. Ak sa chcete uistiť, že ste na ceste pohodlne sedeli, zarezervujte si tento vlak.
Čas cesty: 38 minút
Cestovné: ¥ 920 + ¥ 510 Poplatok za sedadlo

Ak sa rozhodnete ísť s obmedzeným odhalením RAPI: T, môžete si rezervovať miesto cez KLOOK. Tu je presne to, ako to využiť:

Zarezervujte si lístok s Klook. Rezervujte si tu lístok

Po dokončení dohody dostanete e -mailom mobilný poukaz. Môžete si ho vytlačiť alebo uložiť do telefónu.

V deň vašej cesty, po príchode na letisko Kansai, objavte jeho pult v príchode. Pred pultom sa zvyčajne zobrazuje malé logo Klook. Zobrazte svoj mobilný poukaz zamestnancom. Dostanete fyzický poukaz.

Pokračujte na vlakovej stanici (v druhej budove), objavte počítadlo lístkov Nankai a vymieňajte si poukaz na skutočný lístok na vlaku. Urobte to najmenej 30 minút pred svojím harmonogramom.

Vstúpte na vlakovú stanicu Nankai pomocou lístka.

✅ rezervujte si lístok tu

Letový terminál Kansai do Namby autobusom

Autobus môžete vziať do leteckého terminálu Osaka City Air (OCAT), ktorý sa nachádza v oblasti NAMBA. Všimnite si, že prvý autobus opustí terminál 1 o 6:10 hod., Posledný vlak o 22:40.

Čas cesty je asi 1 hodina, avšak líši sa v závislosti od podmienok webovej prevádzky.

V príchodovej sále sa obráťte na počítadlo pre letový terminálny autobus do OCAT.

Kúpte si lístok do Ocat. Cestovné: ¥ 1050. Budú vyžadovať váš pas, takže sa uistite, že ho máte pripravené. Dostanete vám lístok (biela), ako aj potvrdenie (zelená).

Prejdite na odletovú platformu 11 (alebo akékoľvek číslo platformy, ktoré ste povedali).

Počkajte na autobus na plošine. Ak máte obrovské tašky, personál ich vezme a označí ich. Bude vám poskytnutý sklz, ktorý budete požadovať poistenie nároku na svoje tašky po príchode do OCAT, takže ich nestrácajte.

Pri príchode nastúpte do autobusu. Vodič skontroluje váš lístok. Objavte svoje číslo sedadla a získajte pohodlné. Čas cesty je okolo 1 hodiny, v závislosti od premávky.

Vystupujte na OCAT.

To je všetko! Ste v Ocat. Odtiaľto môžete prejsť do svojho hotela.

Ak je váš čas odchodu nad 22:40, môžete si vziať autobus Nankai Midnight, ktorý je usporiadaný tak, aby opustil terminál 1 o 2:54, 3:54, ako aj 4:54 hod.

Letový terminál Kansai do Umeda (stanica Osaka) vo vlaku

Ak je váš hotel v okrese UMeda, môžete si vziať letový terminál JR Kansai, ktorý vás zavedie priamo na stanicu Osaka (ktorá sa nachádza v UMeda).

Z príchodovej haly letiska prejdite pešo k vlakovým terminálom v druhom poschodí susednej budovy. Stačí si vziať eskalátor a využiť most, aby ste sa dostali na druhú stranu. Stanica JR je hneď vedľa stanice Nankai. Uistite sa, že idete do správnej brány.

JR Kansai Flight Terminal Express
Toto je rutinný vlak. Žiadne požiadavky na rezerváciu kresla. Stačí nastúpiť na vlak a hľadajte prázdne sedadlo.
Čas cesty: 62-65 minút
Cestovné: ¥ 1190

Ak je váš hotel blízko stanice Osaka, môžete jednoducho chodiť. Ak je váš hotel pozdĺž vlakovej linky, môžete prejsť na vlakovú stanicu Umeda a ísť vlakom na najbližšiu vlakovú stanicu do vášho hotela.

Letový terminál Kansai do UMeda (stanica Osaka) autobusom

Ak sa váš hotel nachádza v blízkosti stanice Osaka, môžete si vziať letový terminál Limousine Bus, ktorý bude mať tri zastávky okolo stanice Osaka. Dve z týchto zastávok sú hotely, ale nevyžadujete, aby ste zostali v týchto hoteloch, aby ste mohli vziať autobus. Potrebujete len zistiť, ktorý z nich je najbližšie k vášmu hotelu. Práve tu sú zastávky:

Hotel New Hankyu Osaka

Herbis Osak

Hilton Osaka (iba 4 výlety za deň)

Všetky autobusy sa zastavia v hoteli New Hankyu Osaka a Herbis Osaka, v Hilton Osaka sa však zastaví iba málo.

Čas cesty je asi 1 hodina a 15 minút, čo sa môže líšiť v závislosti od premávky.

V príchodovej sále sa obráťte na pult pre letový terminálny autobus do stanice Osaka alebo UMeda.

Kúpte si lístok. Cestovné: ¥ 1550. Budú vyžadovať váš pas, takže sa uistite, že ho máte pripravené.

Prejdite na odletovú platformu 5 (alebo akékoľvek číslo platformy, ktoré ste povedali).

Počkajte na autobus na plošine. Ak máte obrovské tašky, personál ich vezme a označí ich a uloží ich do batožinového priestoru nižšie. Poskytne vám sklz, ktorý budete vyžadovať poistenie, ktoré si po vylodení nárokujú na svoje tašky, takže ich nestrácajte.

Pri príchode nastúpte do autobusu. Vodič skontroluje váš lístok. Objavte svoje číslo sedadla. Čas cesty je okolo 85 minút.

Vystupujte v hoteli New Hankyu alebo Herbis Osaka.

Odtiaľto môžete prejsť do svojho hotela.

Pocket WiFi a Regional SIM v Osaka

Prenájom vrecka

Objavíte nájomné stánky Wi-Fi v oblasti príchodu letiska Kansai. Sadzby sú zvyčajne medzi 800-900 JPY za da

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