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Posted: 4/7/22 | April 7th, 2022

Rome is a city with layers. Literally. Stretching back countless years, the ancient Italian funding has been developed as well as rebuilt, sieged as well as sacked, as well as rebuilt some more. Its history is linked to countless world-changing events over the past 2,500 years, intricately linking it to the whole of Western civilization. (They don’t phone call it the Eternal City for nothing.)

Wandering with Rome as well as you bit stumbled upon everywhere you go as there’s some ancient column or area that developed around. In fact, it takes so long to develop anything in the city since every time they try to develop a subway, building, or modification something, they stumble across new ruins as well as have to send in the archeologists to investigate.

But most of these ruins don’t have signs. There’s no story. If you want to peel back the layers of Rome, taking a walking tour is a must. It will provide you the context as well as story of what you’re seeing so you can much better comprehend exactly how the city grew, came to be, as well as its culture. Whether you’re a foodie, history buff, or culture junkie, Rome boasts countless walking tours to assist you peek beneath the layers as well as see beyond the cacophonous as well as overtouristed exterior.

To assist you deepen your experience as well as discover about Rome’s history as well as culture, here’s my listing of what I believe are the very best walking tours:

Best general Tour

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Take Walks
Walks is my preferred walking tour business in the city. They offer excellent, insightful tours of Rome that cover the fundamentals while likewise providing unique experiences with insider gain access to to many of the very best sights. For example, Walks is the only tour business that enables you to go along with the key master of the Vatican Museums as they go about the totally empty museum in the morning. other Walks tours take you to special areas underground or get you special gain access to to sites like the Colosseum. If you want a fun, educational, as well as detailed experience, go with Walks.

Best free Tour

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New Europe
New Europe offers three free tours that covers all the fundamentals in Rome, introducing you to the city’s highlights, including the Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Colleseum, as well as more. With tours covering ancient Rome, the city center, as well as Rome at night, you can quickly get the lay of the land on a budget plan with new Europe. If you want a fundamental primer on the city, their tour is the very best location to start. While tours are technically free, tipping the guide at the end is expected as well as appreciated.

Other excellent walking tours in Rome

While the two tours above are my top favorites, there are still a lot of other excellent business to think about when you see Rome. right here are some more of my preferred walking tour business in Rome:

1. Devour Tours

Looking to eat your method around Rome? Devour has you covered. Its experienced guides take hungry tour-goers with the atmospheric food market in Testaccio, where Roman cuisine was born, in addition to with the narrow, cobbled, trattoria-flanked streets of Trastevere. It’s fun, it’s informative, as well as it’s extremely filling. If you’re a foodie like me, this is a must.

Tours begin at 69 EUR.

Book your tour with Devour here!

2. Dark Rome

Despite the name, not all the tours that this business offers trudge into the dark side of things. There are personal tours of the Colosseum as well as skip-the-line tours of the Borghese Gallery & Gardens, among other guided sightseeing ones. however if you have a proclivity for the morbid as well as the mysterious, the ghostly as well as the ghastly, this is the business for you. You’ll be taken down into Rome’s ancient crypts as well as catacombs as well as there’s a great ghost tour on offer as well.

Tours begin at 25 EUR.

Book your tour with Dark Rome here!

3. Elizabeth Lev

This American-born guide as well as published art historian has been a Rome resident for 20 years. She holds in-depth theme-based walking tours (I like traveling with a theme). So, if you’ve ever daydreamed of having an actual art historian go along with you to the Vatican Museums as well as St. Peter’s Basilica, provide Elizabeth a call. like Baroque sculptor Bernini? Go down a 17th-century rabbit hole with her. want to completely indulge yourself in the intriguing history of Christian Rome? Elizabeth will take you there. No matter what your interests, Elizabeth can style a tour to fit your thematic needs.

Enquire via the website for tour pricing.

Book your tour with Elizabeth Lev here!

4. Fat Tire Tours

This is the very best bike tour in the city. Fat Tire tours offers a three-hour bike tour of the city center, covering all the highlights, from the Colosseum as well as the Trevi Fountain to the Circus Maximus aswell as the Jewish Ghetto. The tours are perfect for the hectic budget plan traveler who wishes to cram in a great deal of activity in a short time — without skipping out on the details in the process. And, while these tours pack a great deal in, they run at a leisurely speed so you won’t feel rushed (or exhausted) as you explore.

Tours begin at 35 EUR.

Book your tour with Fat Tire here!

5. Stefano Rome Tours

Founded by tour guide Stefano Costantini, this business offers personal tours in as well as around Rome. While they state that Rome wasn’t developed in a day, Stefano can assist you see it in a day. In fact, the most prominent tour is Rome in a Day, though there are likewise special tours like Rome by Night, Christian Rome, or Angels as well as Demons (which focuses on the filming places of Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons).

Stefano likewise offers day trips to the countryside surrounding Rome, such as to the medieval hill town of Calcata, 40 miles to the north. This bewitching village is inhabited by artists as well as hippies as well as is famed for its…curious Christian relic (featured in the excellent travel book An Irreverent Curiosity).

Tours begin at 150 EUR.

Book your tour with Stefano Rome tours here!

6. The Roman Guy

The Roman guy isn’t just one guy anymore, however whoever your tour guide is, you’ll walk away feeling like you understand Rome much better. A big number of high quality tours are on offer, including all the common hits like the Vatican, the Colosseum, the catacombs at night, Rome in a Day, as well as different skip-the-line options. There is likewise a mixed drink bar–themed tour on which you can get acquainted with the city’s burgeoning booze scene, hitting some major sites while weaving from one bar to the next.

Tours begin at 45 EUR.

Book your tour with the Roman guy here!

Regardless of your budget plan or interests, linking with a regional guide to show you the ropes as well as get you off the beaten path is never a poor idea. The ancient Italian funding is a huge as well as beguiling city, making walking tours one of the very best methods to check out it as well as get the lay of the land. I always take at least a couple when I visit.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor on a budget plan or a professional traveler looking to deepen your understanding with an in-depth experience, walking tours in Rome won’t disappoint.

Book Your trip to Rome: Logistical tips as well as Tricks
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Book Your Train
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Nepodarilo sa pamätať na cestovné poistenie
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Safety Wing (best for everyone)

Poistiť moju cestu (pre osoby nad 70)

Medjet (for extra evacuation coverage)

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Need a Guide?
Rome has some truly fascinating tours. My preferred business is Take Walks. They have professional guides as well as can get you behind the scenes at the city’s finest attractions.

If you want a bike tour, use Fat Tire Tours. They have the very best as well as most budget-friendly bike tours in the city.

Want more info on Rome?
Be sure to see our robust destination guide on Rome for even more planning tips!

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