32 random FACTS about ME

Updated: 07/8/20 | July 8th, 2020

Back in 2011, I composed this publish featuring some personal facts about my life. It was a window into non-travel me. Well, that was a loooooong time ago. Life changes. ľudia sa menia.

Since a great deal has occurred in the last nine years (professionally as well as personally), I wished to update this web site so you can discover a bit a lot more about me as well as my interests. There’s a lot more than just a writer as well as travel fanatic here.

So, to begin the second half of the year, here’s a bit bit about me:

1. I dislike flying. I like airports, lounges, as well as elite status, however the act of flying makes me sick. I don’t like heights as well as any type of turbulence makes me believe the airplane is about to crash. I’m not a great flier. (Ironic thinking about exactly how commonly I fly!)

2. When I was younger, I was consumed with Pinky as well as the Brain. I even had a tee shirts collection. I likewise had one of those bowl haircuts, however I like to fail to remember about that fact.

3. I never traveled separately up until I went to Costa Rica at age 23. My travel experiences up up until then were a series of road trips with my parents as well as a drunken weekend in Montréal when I was 19. (I likewise never went west of the Mississippi up until I was 25.)

4. When I was younger, I wished to be an archaeologist since of the Indiana Jones movies.

5. I got truly poor food poisoning when I was in Costa Rica. It was so poor that I had to be hospitalized for three days as well as put on a morphine drip.

6. I went to college to be a high institution history teacher. I’m still technically licensed to show high institution history.

7. I am a truly great cook. I don’t cook much on the road since I dislike exactly how hostel kitchens aren’t completely stocked as well as everybody crowds them at the exact same time, however when in a while, I like to cook a large meal for my fellow travelers.

8. I utilized to be a vegetarian. After reading quick Food Nation, I made a decision to provide up meat as well as was a vegetarian for four years. It wasn’t eating meat I was against, however rather industrial farming as well as the chemicals/antibiotics in the meat that I didn’t like. I provided up vegetarianism when I started to travel.

9. I believe it’s disrespectful to turn down food in other cultures. If you go to a village in Mongolia as well as you are provided food, it’s insulting to refuse. “Sorry, your standard as well as heartfelt cooking doesn’t opt for my dietary needs.” It’s culturally insensitive. however that’s a rant for one more post.

10. I’m a significant fan of soul, Motown, blues, as well as jazz. It’s method much better than any type of of the pop music out there.

11. If I might ever pick what time period I might online in, I’d pick 1920s Prohibition America. I believe that would be an interesting time to online in. however perhaps I’ve just checked out The excellent Gatsby as well much.

12. speaking of Gatsby, I discovered to swing dance so I might throw myself a Gatsby-themed birthday party. I did it for three years in a row. They were legendary birthday parties.

12. I am intensely political. After travel, politics is my second love. I online as well as breathe politics, as well as it is the only news I keep up with while traveling. I am always prepared to go over as well as dispute the world any type of time of the day as well as with anyone, no matter exactly how well I understand them.

13. I don’t have a burning wish to see a lot of middle Eastern countries. There are parts I want to / have checked out (Dubai, Jordan, Israel, Qatar, Oman) but, as a whole, the area is low on my listing of locations to see family member to other regions in the world (India, Bhutan, as well as Nepal being the highest).

14. people always ask will I do this forever. My answer: I don’t know. permanently is a long time. I’d like to travel for the next few years, however who can state what the future holds as well as where it will take us? For now, I’m enjoying the trip as well as see no reason to hang up my backpack just yet.

15. I’ve been to over 30 Dave Matthews Band concerts. I’m a incredibly fan.

16. I’m a Japanophile. I like whatever about the culture: the food, the history, the etiquette, the landscape, the design — all of it. I would eat sushi everyday if I could.

17. I’m a workaholic. perhaps since I grew up in new England, I have the Puritan work ethic, as well as if I don’t have work to do, I believe something is wrong as well as produce work for myself. Idle hands are the Devil’s playground!

18. I made a decision to travel after satisfying five backpackers in a shared taxi while on holiday in Thailand. I was so surprised at what they were doing that the next day I made a decision to stop my job. They were two Australians, a Canadian, as well as a Belgian couple. They altered the program of my life as well as have no idea.

19. I’m an unabashed Taylor Swift fan. Not only do I believe she’s an extraordinary businesswoman as well as marketer, however I likewise like her cheesy pop songs.

20. I’m likewise a significant fan of Sia. extraordinary songstress as well as writer.

21. After college, I likewise worked at a healthcare facility doing administrative work for the BMT as well as surgical treatment departments.

22. I don’t play any type of sports nor understand anything about them. I couldn’t believe of anything a lot more tiring than going to a sporting event. In fact, I when fell asleep at a hockey match.

23. I don’t drink coffee. It tastes like crap to me. as well as I don’t want to put added sugar or milk (or soy milk) in my cup of joe. drinks must be able to stand on their own! nothing is going to modification my viewpoint on this. I’ve tried for many years to obtain a taste for it. It’s just not going to happen.

24. I drink tea. great deals of it. particularly eco-friendly tea. That’s my drink of choice!

25. My alcoholic drink of option is an old fashioned. A few years ago, a few good friends turned me onto whiskey as well as I’ve been consumed since. I judge a bar by the high quality of the old fashioneds they serve.

26. One day, I’d like to discover exactly how to garden. I want to grow my own food. I like cooking as well as believe it’s a rational step.

27. I utilized to be a expert poker player. I funded a great deal of my original trip with poker winnings as well as resided in Amsterdam for a few months playing “professionally” at the casino in the city.

28. When I was younger, I helped the Sierra Club in Massachusetts. I produced a PowerPoint that we took to different neighborhood organizations to show that, by being energy efficient, they might save money as well as the atmosphere at once.

29. I don’t eat sweets. perhaps when a year I’ll have a cookie or brownie but, for the most part, I don’t do desserts or sweets as I don’t like all the sugar.

30. When I’m working, I’ll commonly play one tune on repeat over as well as over again. It assists me focus since it ends up just being white noise. As I compose this post, I’ve been listening to wonderful Annie by Zach brown Band on repeat for the last two hours.

31. I don’t have a preferred color. I have two: blue as well as green.

32. I was one of the spokesperson for Asiana Airlines. I did a industrial for them that aired for two years on TV. They dubbed out my voice though. It always seems so odd when I enjoy it.

Tam to máš! Some fun facts about me. Teraz si na rade ty. tell me about yourself in the comments below.

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